Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools, Ricky Rules

Hey everybody!

Well, hope that you all had a fabulous Easter. I'm sure the food was delicious as usual. We actually had some tasty fish yesterday, complete with rice and fried bananas. It's a Peruvian tradition to eat fish Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday, since that's what Jesus ate when He was resurrected. It kinda stinks after awhile, because they literally don't sell chicken or beef for those three days, but I took it well enough. I definitely won't be wanting to eat any seafood or rice when I get home though. I've had my fill of that here!

Good Friday is the big thing they celebrate here. Easter Sunday really brought nothing at all. It was a bit creepy to be honest, walking the streets this past Friday since there was literally NOBODY outside. We still found a lot of people at home though, since everybody ended up sleeping for the holiday. That seems to be the overall tradition for Peruvian holidays: sleeping. I love it too! My companion and I have started sleeping for two hours now right after studies end at 10am on Pday. It is glorious!

Everything else is going well. We are finally starting to enter into cooler weather, so that is quite enjoyable. The sun beating down on you all day can get pretty tiring. We are also super excited since Elder David A. Bednar is coming on the 25th of this month!!! I have never seen an apostle in person before, not even in the MTC, so I am super excited about that. It should be great. I'm just counting down the days.

Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the baptism pictures that I was finally able to send from three weeks ago. I'll try to have some cool ones for this upcoming week.

Love ya!

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