Monday, April 22, 2013

We Work, Work, Work...

Hello all!

Well my inbox was just stuffed to the gills this week because of all the emails I've received, so just bear with me if these community letters get a little shorter, since I've got to respond to a lot more people now. I'll get it down to a science, I'm sure. I'll also start trying to send more pictures to make up for it.

Everything is going great here. We are having some great results come out of all our work, but it seems that all of our potential baptisms are falling through! We can't really understand why, either. We seemed to have just so many super prepared investigators, but all of them have failed us lately. It sometimes gets really frustrating working around people's agency, but that's the beauty of the plan of salvation right? I've got to work on getting more patience. I'm really excited to get all of my worries calmed by ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR this week. I still can't believe he is coming to our mission. President is sending out a lot of guidelines and different things for us to follow for when he gets here. I am so pumped! I have never met an Apostle before, and I'm sure it will be an unforgettable experience. I know he is a special witness of Jesus Christ!

Otherwise, things are going along as usual. It is starting to actually get cold here, but I really like that. It gets pretty tiring walking around in the sun all day. I have gotten completely used to the hustle and bustle of the city too. Trujillo really is a super young city demographically, just because there are so many universities here. We are looking for more future missionaries to teach!

Anyway, love you all. Hope you enjoy the pictures. One is of my comp and I, bored at the clinic (we had to take another missionary there who had gotten sick). The other is of me at Buenos Aires, one of the areas in our zone that has a sweet view of the ocean.


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