Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Hey everybody,

Well sheesh I'm sorry everyone got sick this week. Looks like it hasn't been too fun over there, but at least everyone is pulling out of it. Being sick in the spring is certainly no fun at all. I hope it's finally starting to get warm there. Texas March weather is often beautiful, as long as it doesn't stay too cold. I miss it!

I know you all will kill me, but the stupid computer isn't reading my camera again, so I have no pictures to send. I have been really bad about taking pictures out here, but I really do have some this time! I will get them to you guys ASAP. I wish I was better at taking photos. I'll try to do better.

Honestly, everything has been going great here. Not too much news to tell, but we are preparing a lot of people to keep progressing towards baptism. We actually have a good number of investigators now, and they are all great people who just need a little push towards the right direction. Keep praying for them! We did have a great lesson this week with a little girl named Stephany, who is the niece of a member. She lives there with her aunt, and is preparing to get baptized this week. We taught her a fun lesson on tithing, but I absolutely lost it when she read the scripture in Malachi 3 where the Lord says He will pour out blessings from the windows of heaven if we pay tithing. Instead of saying "Jehová de los ejércitos" (the Lord of Hosts), she said "Jehová de los ejercicios" (the Lord of Exercises). Kids say the funniest things. Needless to say, we all started laughing quite hard, and the lesson ended up going fine.

I haven't gotten the Easter box yet, but we still haven't picked up mail this week, so I'm confident that it should be there tomorrow!  I can't wait, since I'm pretty much plumb out of goodies now!  Here, Easter is a bigger deal than Christmas.  They call it "Semana santa" which means Holy Week.  Lots of Catholic parades and whatnot.  Pretty interesting.  They only eat fish on Saturday and Sunday though, which I'm not looking forward to!

I love you guys so much. I hope you are all doing great. It's incredible to see just how much everyone is growing up. I miss you all.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello all!

Well, I am glad that you guys all had huge blast of fun fun in your respective west coast getaways! I must say that I was super jealous reading all of you fun experiences! The pictures were beautiful, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves to the max. Looks like we will have to plan some more travel time when I get back!

Here in Trujillo, it was business as usual! We worked really hard this week, even though poor Elder Richards was super sick. On top of that, he had to take a trip to Lima to get some of his documents renewed, so that wasn't fun for him. Going to Lima only meant one good thing though...he brought home Dunkin Donuts!!!!! It was the best part of my week, for sure. You end up forgetting all of the tasty American food that you miss. I definitely had been jonesing for some donuts!

We did have a baptism this week of a great young girl named Gabriela. She is 13, and reminded me a lot of Tess: a bit shy at first, but super cool once you got to know her. She had been introduced to the church by one of her friends, and just loved going there every time. Now her mom and dad are listening to the lessons and coming to church as well, and we just have to get them married before they can get baptized too! We are so excited for them, especially since I have never baptized an entire family before. I really hope it will happen. Pray for them!

I'm on a ghetto computer, so I'm not going to be able to send pictures this week, but I definitely will next week. Sorry they won't be as cool as all the nice ones you guys took! I'm glad you enjoyed your spring breaks so much though. It is awesome here in Trujillo as well!

I miss you and love you all. Keep the missionaries in your prayers!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nose To The Grindstone

Hello all!

Well, sometimes I feel that my letters must be pretty darn boring to read, but there's some weeks in the mission where you just work and work and work and nothing out of the ordinary really happens. This was one of those weeks. Elder Richards and I have been trying hard to find lots of people to get baptized, and we are having a fair bit of success. We found a great young family that has been coming to church, but since the parents aren't married, progress is a bit slow. Otherwise, we have just been working through the members and trying to find people prepared to hear the gospel! It is hard, but quite fun! I really do love the scripture I sent you guys last week in 2 Nephi 28:24 that says "Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!" It has become my motto lately. We can never stop working as long as we are here on Earth!

Anyway, everything else is going nice. We are finally starting to get out of the super hot weather (February is the worst month here), but I still find myself sweating like a pig with regularity. The area is great though, since we get to eat delicious food, and things are more attractive to look at. I plan on taking some pictures this week of me in front of the largest mosaic wall in the world. It is actually right outside our room, and encompasses the biggest university in Trujillo. I don't even know how many feet long it is, but it's huge.

Hope everyone has fun in all their Spring Break trips. Looks like you're all going to be heading somewhere exotic! Is the weather finally warming up nice? Is it getting hot? Hope you don't have a ridiculous summer like last year...but what that's what Texas is all about I guess. Hope you enjoy the picture of me analyzing the zone's numbers for the week. I'll try to take more interesting ones soon.

Love ya!

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Already?!

Hello family!

Bit of a hectic week here in the center of Trujillo, though not too much news involved with me personally. What was shocking was the fact that we received 35 new missionaries this week! Nuts! That is the biggest group that we have gotten in a LONG time here, and three of those new missionaries ended up coming to the zone, which was pretty exciting. It is always fun to talk to new ones, because they are so full of hope and faith (and it's entertaining to poke a little bit of fun at them...hehe). They are doing well though, and we are having lots of fun in the Central zone! The picture I sent is of all of us, sorry that it is a little blurry.

Other than that, not too much is going on at the moment. Elder Richards and I are just working hard to make sure that we get some baptisms and help the ward out more. The ward we are in is really small, and there a lot of inactive folk, so there's really always something to do, which is great. Working is really the only way to solve problems on the mission.
Hope you guys have a lot of fun on your trips this upcoming week. You'll have to come down to Trujillo one of these days! I miss you and love you all.

 I did get the replacement package, and the one Taylor sent. Thanks! I loved the salty things - I can get some American candy bars here but the pretzels, chez-its and chips are completely non existent.  Those are my favorite things in the packages every time.  Thanks for keeping me connected to home!

PS The other thing is that I was able to eat at Chili's in the mall here. First basket of chips and salsa in over 16 months! I almost died of happiness...