Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello fam!

This week I got to see a ton of beaches, for one reason or another. (Don't worry, I am working hard...the entire zone I am in is surrounded by beach.) The one I am sending the picture of is in Moche, where my zone leaders are. We went contacting in their area for a day, and my companion and I passed an entire neighborhood of super nice houses and the beach as well. Living here wouldn't be so bad, minus the food, I suppose.
We have had a lot of new investigators this week! We have focused our efforts on finding new people and befriending them in church with the members. Oddly, that is one of the hardest things for people to get used to.

Here's a story from today that might give you a little peek into life with a Peruvian every day. I found it funny and thought you would enjoy it dad, since you are the one who gave me my love of sunflower seeds:

(Me eating sunflower seeds)

Elder Acuña: Hey, whatcha eating?
Me: Sunflower seeds
Elder Acuña: Give me some!
Me: You won't like them.
Elder Acuña: Cmon I just wanna try em.
Me: Well, you have to eat them in a specific way.
Elder Acuña: Just give me some!!
(Hand him a seed)
(He chomps down and chews the whole thing to pieces immediately)
Elder Acuña: This is disgusting and it cuts my mouth. You Americans eat some weird stuff.

Needless to say, I laughed. The culture barrier can be pretty funny sometimes, but you learn to get used to everything. Send me some flavored seeds! Ranch and dill pickle especially are delicious.

The area I am in, really is beautiful, at least if you look out to the east. Where I work and proselyte every day is just a giant sandy hill, but the people are nice. I am finally starting to hit those middle months of the mission where things are starting to run together. I hope my letters aren't too lame. Throw me out questions for what you want to hear!

This picture is of me and my comp in front of an old abandoned city of the Incas. Pretty cool tour!

Love you all

Monday, July 23, 2012

Changes, But We Didn't...

Hello all!

It is true, the changes were given to us last night, but nothing changed here. I am still in Alto Moche with Elder Acuña for 6 more weeks. I was happy with the results, but not really surprised I suppose. We figured it would happen, because I have only been here for 3 months. However, I will almost assuredly be out of here after this 6 weeks.

Everything really is going great here. I wish I had more to tell you guys, but we are just working hard every day and doing what needs to be done! We are actually teaching Kevin's family (the kid who got baptized last week), and also some of his friends. He has really been a great help for us.

It is finally starting to cool down here! The weather really is crazy, because some days it is hot as all get out, and other days it really isn't bad. It is always like that in Peru though. You have a ton of different climates here all the time.

Hope everyone is doing well. Can't believe that the summer is almost over for everyone. Time sure flies right? Feel free to throw me some questions about what you guys want more information on. As a missionary, things that would be crazy for you guys become totally routine for me. Weird, I know.

Love ya

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Awesome Week!

Dear Family,

We had an AWESOME week this week, not only because we had a baptism of my favorite convert (to this point), but we also are now teaching his whole family (picture enclosed) who are MARRIED and willing to listen. Does it get any better than that?? The young man's name is Kevin, and he also received the priesthood on the same day. We are so excited for him and his progress. He looked awesome in his white shirt and tie.

Other than that, we are just working on finding new investigators. It is a bit hard these days, and winter seems to be making people's hearts a little colder too, but they are still listening well enough. We only have one week left in this change, but I believe that I will be staying here still. Wick!

Hapy birthday to Papa!! 70 years old is a long time...but you're still going strong and you are still the best Grandpa ever! Thanks for all that you have taught me!

Love you all. Hope you enjoy the pics and that you get this on time.

Pics aren't working. I will send them next week!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Your Summer...Our Winter

Hey all!

We have had a great week with lots of work and lots of fun. Our top investigator, Kevin, passed his interview to be baptized! We are so excited for him, and he will be baptized on the 14th, so expect some pictures! He is a great young man of 17 years old, and through him, we have met a lot of his friends who are interested in the gospel. It is amazing what a friend can to to help someone find the truth!

It has actually started getting cold here. Our area is right next to the ocean, so the breeze at night is really nice too. I enjoy it a lot. Sometimes I even feel a bit cold! The people here are ridiculous though. Lots of heavy jackets and beanies. It's probably 55 degrees.

Thought you guys might like the pictures of me at my desk and my desk space. They were taken a couple of weeks apart, so it looks a bit different. A couple of people have wanted to see my desk, so enjoy! I guess. Haha.

We are doing great in general. Wish I had more exciting things to tell, but a missionary's day is pretty standard: find, teach, baptize! We are working with the members and making friends. Everything is great.

Love you tons! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm enjoying my "winter".


Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Relaxing On The Beach

Hi Fam!

Well the biggest news of the week, as you can see from my pictures, is that we got to go to the beach today!!! There is a beach right next to my area in fact (I can see it from my room) but this beach that we went to today was called Huanchaco, and it's the most famous one here in Trujillo. The special occasion was the fact that President's family came into visit him (more pictures of course will be on the blog), and he chose our zone to come and play some volleyball and other beach games! It was a blast. It's "winter" here now, so the beach was a lot more cloudy and whatnot, but it was still beautiful. There were some huge waves too, big enough to surf! Hope you like the pics.

We are doing great in Alto Moche otherwise. We are working a lot through our most recent convert, Diego, to teach his friends. He is so excited to be teaching the gospel to them, and it is especially helping strengthen his testimony to hear everything again. We even had 7 investigators in the chapel yesterday, which made us reall happy! Missionaries really aren't pleased unless they are having success haha.

My companion and I get along great. I really love this area and what I am doing. It is quite different than Huarmey, but I feel like it is a lot more fun. I love you guys! Hope everything is going great. Can you believe it's already halfway through 2012?

Love you all

P.S. Congrats to Katherine Watts and her new husband on their wedding! I suppose her last name isn't Watts anymore, but I don't know what the new one would there ya go. I wish you the best!