Monday, April 29, 2013

An Incredible Week!

Hello all!

It was definitely a week never to be forgotten, with the long awaited visit of Elder Bednar. I must say, he was quite the charismatic and funny man, something that I never really thought was in his style! He definitely gave us lots of great council though, particularly in the field of leadership, something that I had been wondering a lot about lately. He said that oftentimes, the Lord puts the weakest of the weak as His leaders, so that their weakness can be on display. When they become strong, others can see that if He was able to work that kind of miracle with the leader, He could do it with them as well! I felt the Spirit so much when he talked. I know that he is an Apostle of the Lord!

Otherwise, it has been a fine week. We are in the process of preparing a lot of people for baptism, but the work is a bit slow. It is a tough part of town here in the center, since so many people are quite wealthy and just a little bit prideful. They just don't know that everyone needs the gospel in their lives!

I don't have pictures this week, but I do have a scripture for everyone to read. Check out D&C 78:17-18. I hope that it will lift the spirits of all those who are troubled and sad. It definitely helps me stay positive.

I love you all, I'm low on time!


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