Tuesday, November 27, 2012

13 Months

Hello all,

Well, Peruvian thanksgiving doesn't exist, but we still had a super fun week, as you can see from the photos! In our district meeting, I had everyone write on a piece of paper something that impedes them from being a good missionary (not being obedient, fear of talking to people), and then had them shape it into a weapon (I made a prison-style shank). We then put all the "weapons" in a shoe-box and buried them outside the church, just like the converted Lamanites (see Alma 24)! It was quite fun, and really helped the missionaries see the importance of leaving behind bad habits and excuses.

The assistants also came to proselyte with us, and told us that they wanted to make a bonfire on our roof after the nightly session of planning, which we did. We roasted marshmallows and listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the whole nine yards. It was a blast.

Lastly, since changes came, we said goodbye to one of our zone leaders, Elder Johnson, by playing soccer super early this morning. The picture you see is about half of the zone, sweaty and having fun. I, of course, stayed right hear in Alto Moche, but it is all but 100% guaranteed that this WILL be my last change here. Haha. I sure will miss it. We are working hard though, and should be having lots of baptisms in December and January! All the fun is coming up, though I do miss you guys and wish I could pass the holidays with you. But no matter! We must keep pressing forward and doing what we have to. Hope you enjoyed the pics and comments. I love you all more than you know!

Love to all,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Piano Man

Dear family and friends,

Yes, I have turned into Elder Billy Joel these past few weeks, as you can see from the photo I'm sending. Hermana Turk asked me if I could accompany a sister companionship singing a special number for this upcoming zone conference where one of the Seventy is going to come and speak to us, and so she let me take the keyboard from the office to our room. I must say, it is quite fun. I might be jamming out too all the hymns on the organ setting, just as if I were playing for MoTab. It is a blast.

Everything has gone well this week. We are finding lots of new people to teach, and using the Book of Mormon in every single lesson. The Spirit is so strong! I love it when you can see in the faces of the people when they feel it too. I really have gained a testimony that the Lord loves all of us, each in our own individual way.

Hope you enjoy the other picture of the district on the soccer field. It's not really a field, it's a giant piece of cement, but that's what they call a field here in Peru.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Eat an extra piece of turkey for me please. At least you won't have to make so many rolls this year!

Love ya

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello all

Can you believe we are almost halfway through November? Seriously...time sure flies. I would like to apologize first and foremost for not sending pictures once again. Seriously, one of my big changes this week will be taking my camera with me everywhere I go to take pictures! I just never have been that guy to take a ton, but I know it is boring for you guys to see pure text, and I know I will regret not taking more pix when the mission is over (I hope it never ends!)

We had a fabulous week this week! I caught a cold, but that didn't stop us from working our ninnies off (as Dad says). We ran around looking for all the new people we met, and we were even able to committ one to getting baptized on the 24th! He is a great man named Alejandro. What is interesting is how we got him to that committment. We had interviews with President this week, in the which he told us that the mission basically wasn't using the Book Of Mormon effectively at all. He even asked us to teach the first 4 lessons in one appointment each, and then after that, read the BOM with the investigators every day until their baptism! This seemed a bit odd to me at first, but, true to the revelation, we did exactly as Prez said! We were originally going to teach Alejandro about keeping the Sabbath day holy when we went into our appointment last night, but ended up changing and just reading all of 1 Nephi 3 with him. The Spirit completely invaded the room, and he committed to being baptized on the 24th before I could even get the invitation fully out of my mouth! This too coming from a man who refused to completely committ to anything else we had invited him to do. The Lord really does work through His mission presidents, and the BOM really is the word of God!

I am excited with all the progress that we have been seeing lately. The mission is always full of ups and downs, but I feel like a young elder again with lots of time ahead of me! I think the key is really just exercising a mental discipline strong enough to keep us grounded and focused. I plan on pushing harder and harder every week.

Hope you are all doing well. Let me know what else you want to hear about in the letters! I received the Thanksgiving box! Seriously, the chips are a HUGE hit with me. I especially loved the Flamin Cheeetos with limon! You guys are the best!
Love ya

PS Stole a picture from the Turks blog. This is all the zone eating chicken at Norkys after the interviews!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall for All

Hi Everyone,

Things are definitely looking up here. It is nice and warm in the day, though since we are next to the beach, we also get a nice constant breeze which makes me happy. We actually already have a soccer ball to play with which is nice, and also we found out that the guy who owns the house where we live is going to be putting a ping pong table downstairs!! We are super pumped to use that baby on P days, though it will definitely be a temptation during study time...haha

Everything is going fine here, and I am actually starting to get used to the food. My packages are running dangerously low on goodies though, which scares me. Those Dynamite Dorito roll thingies were AMAZING btw! Send more!!

First off, I must say that the Ricky themed pumpkin is THE BEST PUMPKIN OF ALL TIME IN LEVOS FAMILY HISTORY. Seriously, a work of art. The words are nice, but the rendering of the Ricky face is absolutely exquisite! It shall be forever etched in the annals of Halloween-land. You are the best Dad.

Sounds like you had a ton of fun for H day per usual. Scaring girls is always part of the game. I think it's rather amusing that you get MORE excited about it every year, even though you're getting more elderly. How did you guys flavor the seeds this year? Was it typical Tony Saccheres? Were there any trick or treaters in Rustic Lane? Anybody else decorate? I remember it was a bit difficult to decorate for Christmas last year, since the land is so...spacious

We did have a baptism this week but I will give you all the details next week. I can't believe that half the mission is over either! It is exciting to know I will be back with my family this time next year, but at the same time, I will NEVER be able to be a missionary again, so I am definitely trying to soak up every moment.

Thanks to the Owens for the great package!  I miss all of you and appreciate all that has been done on my behalf. The goodies are great and the kids in the village love the toys.
Much Love,