Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hello everyone!

I passed my first week here in Chimbote, my new and most likely last area, and it is definitely interesting. First thing is that the area is ginormous. In Central, our area was a rather small sector of the city, meaning that it was very easy to organize things and proselyte quickly. With such a large area here, it's a bit more difficult! My companion, Elder Hill, has only been here for 4 weeks due to the short change we just had, so we are both flying blind here. It will all be alright though. The Lord always provides. It is really cold here though, since we are right next to the ocean, so that's not too much fun.
We had to say goodbye to President and Sister Turk yesterday. It was quite sad to be honest. They gave a hug to each and every one of us, which was really special. They are great people who have changed my life and the lives of many others. They will be leaving Friday night, and President and Sister Marler will be getting here at about the same time. It is definitely a mix of emotions.
So sorry that all the emails kinda stink this week. I won't be able to send pictures yet again this week because I forgot my camera cord. I suck, I know. I will be much better at time management next week. I Love you all!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I Hate Goodbyes!

Hello all

Yes, the sad news came last night, I will be heading out of Central after just 6 months in this blessed (and I don't say that sarcastically) area. I feel like I have been here for such a short time, but I suppose that's a trick that my mind is playing on me due to my overly long stay in Alto Moche. I am pretty pumped about my new area though. I will going to a city called Chimbote, which is about two hours by bus south of Trujillo. Ironically, the room I will be sleeping in was the first room I ever slept in on the way to Huarmey, my very first area. Full circle, right? I am also excited to be with Elder Hill, my new companion. He is from Utah, and is just a ball of energy. Should be fun. Can you believe that it will be my very last area though?? How the time flies...

We at least got to end the stay here in a great way, with a baptism of an awesome man named Carlos Arbildo. He is from the jungle of Peru, and is staying in Trujillo to study. His sister was murdered just 2 weeks ago, and then a week after that his favorite aunt died as well. Through it all, he has been strong with his commitment to be baptized. Elder Massey did the ordinance on Saturday, and I confirmed him on Sunday. I will surely miss him. There are a few other people that I will be leaving behind that will be baptized this month, so the change is certainly bittersweet.

I had a bunch of pictures to send, but we went to a really ghetto internet cafe today, so I can't really do it. I will send them all next week though.

Happy travels

We're Packed In

Hello all! (side note: if any on the sending list don't want to receive my weekly email, feel free to tell me. I won't be offended. Frankly, I would be quite annoyed if some missionary sent me their letter every week and I didn't even want to read it in the first place)

Anyway, it has been a great week here, especially with all the blessings from the Lord that we are seeing. We had 15, that's right, FIFTEEN investigators go to church with us yesterday, and 5 of those are committed to be baptized this month. I'm not sure if the Lord is just really pleased with us, or if we're just finally starting to figure out how to be good missionaries, but everything is going right. I just hope against hope that I don't get changed out this coming Sunday. This change was short due to President and Hermana Turk leaving, so I might get the outs 2 weeks early. I'm hoping for a miracle though. Who knows, I might stay after all! I am still definitely taking advantage of all the fast food here though, just in case.

Explanation of the pictures:

1. Me with the KFC bucket...actually I guess that is pretty self-explanatory.

2. My shoelace just snapped in half the other day. I guess I really am getting old.


Love you all!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two Down, A Lot More To Go...

Hey family and friends

My inbox was flooded from mail from you guys. So good to be able to hear from all of you, and sorry if I couldn't respond to each personally! We have just a limited amount of time unfortunately.

First off, we of course had the two miracle baptisms this week. You guys already know the stories of Rosa and Fernando, so I'll spare you the pains of telling it all over again, but I did enclose the pictures of their baptism day. It went well, and we actually had a lot of people show up, more than at any other baptism I've had here. Unfortunately, the bishop didn't kneel this time in front of everyone in the group picture (that's for you, Elder Richards).

Other than that, it was a rather typical week. I did get pulled in last minute yesterday to go to Casa Grande (rural area about an hour north of Trujillo) to play piano at their stake conference, which President and Hermana Turk were attending. I accompanied the congregation and the choir, which went alright until the director handed me some random piece at the end that was really hard. I butchered the piano part, the choir was completely off, and the missionaries came in to sing as well and started going a totally different speed. Hands down the most interesting stake conference I've ever been to.

Anyway, hope you all had a great week! I miss you and love you.

PS I'll send the other pics next week. Comp was going super slow