Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello all

Well, we had a great week with the baptism of Ada Luz. She chose me to baptize her, which was a real honor, even though the water was quite cold. The baptismal fonts are not heated in Peru, so in the winter AND at 7 pm, the baptismal water straight from the tap can be pretty chilly. But it went well. What was great was that the ward really helped us out a lot for this one. Almost 40 people showed up and everybody played their part well. Someone accompanied on the piano (not me for the first time I can remember), there was a special musical number (that one was me), some members brought a snack to share afterwards, and all in all it was just a great showing. Her whole family came too, and we are hoping to get them baptized ASAP. Just gotta get them married first!
Everything else is going great. Elder Hill and I get along too well sometimes. We have lots of fun. We now have a frisbee AND a soccer ball in our room, so that makes for some interesting study sessions. I'm quite sad that he is going home in 5 weeks. He is a good guy.

Hope you are all doing well. Enjoy the pictures of the baptism, Love you all!

I'll Die In Chimbote

Hello all!

Yes, it's official. Even though I already knew it was probably going to happen, it is now official that I will end my mission here in Chimbote. The reason why is because we received changes last night, and neither my comp nor I got changed, so I will definitely be the one that "kills" him, and then I will end my mission 6 weeks later. Time sure flies eh?
In more happy news, we will be having a baptism this Saturday! I'm so excited for Ada Luz Guanilo to be baptized. She really is a great young lady, and she has made so many friends in the ward that it is really impressive to my companion and I. Her parents are still working on getting married and whatnot, but we're getting there. Hopefully they will be baptized in September. Other than that, we are just trying hard to find lots of new investigators. Besides the Guanilo family, we aren't teaching too many people, which kind of stinks. We are still pushing hard with our Book of Mormon program though.
Everything else is going great here. Still cold and still missing Trujillo (just a little bit), but Chimbote is nice. It will be a great place to end my mission too.
Love you all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Grind

Hello all

The grind never stops in missionary work, and sometimes you just have to get through the tougher weeks to see the big blessings. We have had a lot of success lately, but this week was a bit harder. No worries though, because we will see the hand of the Lord soon enough!
The Book of Mormon program has actually been working out well with the members. I hope that you guys have been asking your friends the two questions as well! We have received a ton of references from it, and the members are getting excited about talking to their friends about the Book of Mormon. The problem is, we haven't been able to find too many of those people in their houses. We just have to be patient though, and the lessons and baptisms will come.
What really has me excited is that we are teaching an entire family!! I have never baptized an entire family in my mission, but this one really has potential. They still aren't married, and we are working hard on that (it is SO hard to get people married in this country, it's ridiculous), but we feel that it will come if it is the will of the Lord. The oldest daughter of the family is getting baptized no matter what on the 17th of this month, so we are excited. Pray for them!
Hope you all are doing well. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I will take some next week, I promise!