Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Marinera Week!

Hey all!

That's right, it is Marinera Week here in Trujillo, so there has been a lot of fun things to see while out proselyting. The Marinera is a traditional Peruvian dance that is actually really cool to watch. The ladies always have big traditional dresses, and the men always have their big hats, and it supposedly takes a lot of coordination and skill. The pictures I'm sending are of the Marinera Parade that happened right near our room. Everybody came to watch, and since we were walking to a teaching appointment, absorbed in our thoughts, we crossed the street right when everybody was coming by! So, inadvertently, us two white guys became part of the yearly Trujillo Marinera Parade. Fun, eh?

The work is advancing well here. The ward is pretty small, but we are working on getting everybody active and helping us get some references and whatnot. Everyone goes wild when I play the piano in sacrament meeting though. Really nobody here knows how to play, and the people get really excited to be able to play with accompaniment. Thanks to Mrs. Denise for always being patient and teaching me so well! It really is paying off in my life, and blessing the lives of others who have never heard a piano played live.

It's starting to get really hot here, which isn't too fun, but I am loading up on the Coca-Cola, so I'm good! I swear, that soda is a cure-all. I really need to start getting into shape though, so I think I'll start trying to run here every once in awhile. We will see how that goes...

Love you all! Can't believe I'll be back there with everybody in 9 short months...Kinda makes me sad!
Big welcome home to Ian Lindsey. Cuidate, che.


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