Monday, January 14, 2013

City Slicker

Hey Everyone!

I am writing you guys from the center of Trujillo! I still can't believe that I am here, to be honest. My new area is called Central, and it is literally the very epicenter of the city of Trujillo. I am downtown, and our area even covers the giant famous plaza in the middle of the city. Everything is great here, even though it is pretty darn hot. I have been able to eat McDonalds, KFC, and Papa Johns this week, which I know I have said in all of my letters to you guys, but I don't think you understand just how big of a deal that is. Really made me incredibly happy.

Anyways, everything is going great. Elder Richards and I are getting along great, and having a lot of fun leading our zone to success! Everybody proselytes right here in Trujillo, so it is fun to just be updated on everything. We talk about baseball all day, and the things that we miss from the USA. Can you believe I have almost 15 months?? Time sure flies.

I will be giving you guys some more pictures and stories next week. This week was more of one of just getting to know the area and getting used to walking on sidewalks again. I miss Alto Moche, but this place, let's be honest, is WAY BETTER. It's good being a missionary right now.

I know you will hate me for not sending pics, but I will definitely do that next week! I just forgot myt camera cord like a dummy. Seriously, I am going to take more pìcs now, I promise!!!

Love ya

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