Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer Training

Hi family!

That's right, it is summer here in Trujillo, and it sure is hot! We didn't teach too much this week, since we had leadership training on Tuesday and Wednesday with President and Hermana Turk! It was an absolute blast, and I sure learned a lot. President gave a great talk on how we really need to look inside ourselves and do a self evaluation in order to improve in our lives. Great concept!

We also had a lot of fun cleaning a chapel as a service project afterwards. As you can see from the pictures on Hna Turk's blog, the floor was pretty slippery, and I ate it pretty bad. Good times. We also went and ate some frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, which they have in the mall here in Trujillo. That was a blast from the past! Delicious!

Everything is going great here. I'm learning the area well enough, even though I am still relatively in shell shock, since I'm now longer walking on giant mountains of dirt. I do miss the beach sunsets that I would see in Alto Moche as well. Those were beautiful. Pray for us to find some more people to teach! There's not too much going on here, and we need some people to get baptized!!

Hi to Garrett and Tanya! I love sharing your postcards with the other missionaries every week. They love seeing their home state, since most of them are from Utah! Haha. You guys are so thoughtful. Thanks!

Love from Trujillo


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