Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello all!

First, I know you are probably tired of just seeing baptism pictures, but they are definitely the coolest part of the mission (and the reason why we are here), and what's more, at least this one was inside at a different place! You can actually see a little bit of what the inside of the chapel looks like in Alto Moche, Peru.

Anyways, this week was pretty dang crazy! I got emergency changed into a district leader, since our district leader, Elder Cerpa, got bumped up to be a zone leader. Being a DL basically means that I am in charge of two different areas, and basically supervise the work that is going on over there with the other missionaries. It is fun, because they are both my friends and we all get along great. Stuff isn't too different to be honest, but at least I have some new interesting responsibilities and whatnot!

Haven't gotten anything yet in terms of your packages, but I will definitely be on the lookout! I can't believe I have almost a year sure has passed by super fast. Time flies.

The young woman we baptized in the picture is named Melissa. She is super awesome, and simply chose to get baptized due to a friend who referred her to us! Never forget how powerful your testimony can be to family members and friends! This girl chose to enter the waters of baptism due to just such a testimony.

My new comp should be arriving from the UNITED STATES this week! I am so excited that I will have a gringo once again. There will be lots of things to talk about and lots of updates that he will have to give me on what's going on in my home country.

Miss you and love you all!

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