Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Week

Hello all!

It was another week- another week of work, another week of closed doors, another week of dusty streets and sunsets and dirty dogs and greasy food and testimonies and happiness. It was also another week without pictures, so please forgive me. I will definitely be trying to improve on that front...

Elder Almazan and I are working hard here, which is all you can do when you have a year in the mission and want to do what is right. We are actually finally starting to find good people though, and...wait for it...we are finally starting to find some FAMILIES! I have never been able to baptize a family in my mission, and it is my goal to find at least one in this area before I leave. Though, seeing as I  have been here since May 1, I shouldn't think that time will come very soon...

We were able to finally committ an eternal investigator to being baptized this coming Saturday! He has been listening to the missionaries for 6 months now, and the Spirit has worked in him little by little until this point. It really is interesting how the Lord helps His children come to the truth in His own chosen time.

It is starting to get a bit warmer here, which is nice. I do wish I was able to feel the Texas fall weather though, and more than that, eat the Texas fall food. I know you will all enjoy it for me.

So sorry the letters are boring, but there is simply not much to report this week. Hope you are all healthy and happy!
Much Love,

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