Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alto Mochero, Forever

Dear family

Changes came...and I AM STILL HERE IN ALTO MOCHE. Yep, I can't really believe it either, but I will be training a new missionary, supposedly, and I will be doing it here. He is going to come tomorrow though, so at least it's for sure this time. I really am shocked that I'm staying here for more time, but President said that he has received council to keep missionaries in areas for longer time periods. Following the Lord I'm sure!!

Yes, both the packages were from you guys and No, the shoe box did NOT get smashed!!! Thank you so much for everything, especially the Texas tie and tshirt!!! They are both so cool. I even wore my Texas tie to the baptism that we had, and everybody commented on how great it looked. It is easily the prettiest tie I have. I also LOVED all the chips!!"! Seriously, every single kind is so delicious. I am also intrigued by the Dorito tube looking things, though I'm trying to save the best for last. Your packages are always the best of any other missionary's.

Running a bit low on time here, but just wanted to tell you that Maria did get baptized! We are so excited for her and working with her mom so she can get married and baptized too. We also have a great big family now that we are teaching and are VERY excited for. Pray for them!!

Love you all

PS Happy late birthday Ryan! You are still the man.

PPS I actually have photos this time but the computer is Peruvian and isn't letting me see them. I'll definitely send them next week.

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