Monday, October 22, 2012



I can't believe that I really will be completing a year this week. I don't have any plans to do anything crazy. In fact, it should be a normal Friday, but at the same time, it really is surreal that I have already hit the halfway point. I almost wanted to cry thinking about it all the other night. At the same time, I am quite excited that I will be able to give my all in this last year. Things are definitely looking up.

My brand new comp, Elder Almazan, is super cool. He is from Ecuador (you can see a nice big picture of us on the blog), and is really humble and teachable. I am trying really hard to train him in the right way and help him in any way that I can. He loves learning, and has really injected a new sense of energy and happiness into the work. It is something that I really need.

We are working hard to find some new investigators and get them to the font! Looks like we won't be seeing any baptisms until November, but we have found a few awesome families, so cross your fingers and pray hard for us! I still have yet to baptize an entire family in my mission, and it is my goal to find one before my time in Alto Moche ends. This area has really won my heart, and I want to give my all to the people here.

Thought you guys would enjoy the photos from last week's baptism. We are still working on getting Maria's mom married and baptized. She is a great lady, and I know it will happen. Also have a fun picture of Elder Vanden Bosch and I in the work visit that we did. I got to work for him for an entire day in his area, which is a really cool country place full of farms and stuff. I am holding up our favorite Peruvian chocolate bar, Wazzu, and he is holding up some DELICIOUS dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds from home.

You guys are all awesome! Can't believe I will be seeing you all in one short year.

Much love

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