Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall for All

Hi Everyone,

Things are definitely looking up here. It is nice and warm in the day, though since we are next to the beach, we also get a nice constant breeze which makes me happy. We actually already have a soccer ball to play with which is nice, and also we found out that the guy who owns the house where we live is going to be putting a ping pong table downstairs!! We are super pumped to use that baby on P days, though it will definitely be a temptation during study time...haha

Everything is going fine here, and I am actually starting to get used to the food. My packages are running dangerously low on goodies though, which scares me. Those Dynamite Dorito roll thingies were AMAZING btw! Send more!!

First off, I must say that the Ricky themed pumpkin is THE BEST PUMPKIN OF ALL TIME IN LEVOS FAMILY HISTORY. Seriously, a work of art. The words are nice, but the rendering of the Ricky face is absolutely exquisite! It shall be forever etched in the annals of Halloween-land. You are the best Dad.

Sounds like you had a ton of fun for H day per usual. Scaring girls is always part of the game. I think it's rather amusing that you get MORE excited about it every year, even though you're getting more elderly. How did you guys flavor the seeds this year? Was it typical Tony Saccheres? Were there any trick or treaters in Rustic Lane? Anybody else decorate? I remember it was a bit difficult to decorate for Christmas last year, since the land is so...spacious

We did have a baptism this week but I will give you all the details next week. I can't believe that half the mission is over either! It is exciting to know I will be back with my family this time next year, but at the same time, I will NEVER be able to be a missionary again, so I am definitely trying to soak up every moment.

Thanks to the Owens for the great package!  I miss all of you and appreciate all that has been done on my behalf. The goodies are great and the kids in the village love the toys.
Much Love,

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