Monday, April 30, 2012

I Will Always Love You, Huarmey, Peru


It is true, I am leaving. We got called for changes last night, and I will be heading to a part of Trujillo called Alta Moche. I really know nothing else about the area than that, so you guys will have to look it up on Google Earth or something and check it out! I am heading out tonight, and should arrive there sometime tomorrow morning. I will miss Huarmey dearly, but I feel that it was about time for a change. 
 They say missionaries can feel the changes; I definitely did this time.

I did finish the change strong with two baptisms though! We baptized the two young men that you can see in the picture- the little guy with the hat is named Jose, and the older 18 year old is named Erick. I baptized Erick, and while I fell down with him in the river, it was still a great experience. We were originally planning on baptizing them in the brand new font in the chapel, but there was no water in the whole town thanks to construction. Welcome to Peru. For that, we went to the river, just like in my first baptism here!

I love you guys alot. Thanks so much to Papa for the great package full of delicious candy! Thank you to all who write letters and send packages. You truly do not know how much it means to me! Support the missionaries in your ward!

T               (just a note - these are how the pictures were taken -decided upload anyway)

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