Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Hanging in There

Family and Friends,

Well, I am not one to lie (especially as a missionary), so I suppose that I will just have to tell you the truth. We have had a bit of a tough week here in Huarmey, seeing as we won't be able to baptize the young lady Luz that I told you about last week. As I described in more detail in the letter to Taylor, we mostly baptize kids and teenagers here, because, as it is a requirement to be married (not just living together) to be baptized, we almost never baptize adult couples. However, because the kids are underage, the parents have to sign a permission slip to give consent. Luz' mom did not want to do that, and now has left town for 3 months. It's been tough these last few weeks, but we are still working hard with other people. Pray for us here in Huarmey!

Today, we should be going to hike a giant dirt hill to see all of Huarmey. I know, there's not a lot to do here, but hey, we have to have fun somehow! In the pictures that I sent, you can see one of my favorite places in this area. It is located in the Puerto of Huarmey, and is basically a giant lookout rock where you can see the ocean and everything. Don't worry Mom, the drop isn't...uh...that steep behind the rock! Hope you guys enjoy them.
Afterwards we will get to play a little soccer.  That will be fun.  I will probably get to do more activities once I get
closer to Trujillo- I am still out in the middle of nowhere.  There aren't a whole lot of attractions...though I would
love to have an Exxon here right now!

Got to go to the beach this week to see the baptism of the other elders here! It was amazing. However, the waves started kicking up hard literally right when the lady entered the water to be baptized. Scared the wits out of her, poor thing. 

Love you all!

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