Monday, April 23, 2012

I Love You, Peru

Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing to you at the beginning of what will perhaps be my last week in Huarmey, where I was born in the mission. They always tell you not to anticipate changes, because if you do, what you guess will happen surely will not. However, they also say that missionaries can feel changes, and I think I can right now. I think I am out of here.

However, we do have two baptisms planned for this upcoming Saturday, which makes me super happy! Erick and Jose are two great young men who will be good additions to the priesthood in Huarmey. I love them both, and hopefully they will be the first two to ever be baptized in the new font that they are building in our chapel. It is being built on the third story of the little house that we call a chapel, and it is tiny, tiny, tiny, but still pretty cool. They have had a lot of fights with the landlord about its size, so I suppose it will be the best that they can do. Welcome to Peru eh?

Everything is going great otherwise. It is still hot as all get out, which is apparently weird. Someone told me that April in Peru should be like October in the States, but from my recollection, every October in Texas was hot anyway. So I guess it is all normal.

Pictures: Me with one of my good friends, Elder Hargis. He goes home this change. Sad to see him go.
I don't know if I sent you this one from when I went up to the mirador, but here it is. Overlooking my hood.

I love you all! Thanks for all the packages and letters (Grandma Pettersson, Charlene, Tanya and Garrett). You have no idea how much they m ean to me!


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