Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Cold

Hello all

I never thought that I would say that on my mission, but it really is getting kinda chilly here. I wear my sweater every day and sleep with two blankets every night. Since central heating/cooling doesn't exist in any building in Peru (besides the temple), a cement house can get pretty chilly at night. It's alright though. It's definitely better than walking under the blazing sun all day.
We had an interesting week. We finally got to meet President and Sister Marler, and they are both awesome. President Marler actually reminds me a lot of Bishop DeBusk. He is a happy, very relaxed grandfather. He still wants to work hard, but he really enjoys talking to people and helping them out. Usually my interviews with President Turk lasted about 10 minutes. My interview with President Marler lasted half an hour. Both are great men.

Anyway, Elder Hill and I are doing great. We have lots of fun, as you can see by the picture I am enclosing of me shooting  arrows at our white board. Sometimes you just have to relax a bit. The mission can get pretty stressful sometimes. I'm also putting in a picture of an awesome drawing made purely from chalk that I saw a few weeks ago. Peruvians have some quirky talents.
If you guys want to see more pictures from the mission, Hermana Marler has decided to keep the MPT blog going! The address is
Love you all!

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