Monday, July 22, 2013

Baptisms and Revelation

Hello family and friends!

Well first of all, we did have our baptism of Alonso, which was a great experience. His mom and sister came too, which made the experience even more special. Unfortunately, Alonso's family had to have the baptism in the afternoon, which is a time that most Peruvians are out at work, so not too many members showed up, but it was a baptism nonetheless. Next time we will work a little harder on spreading the word and planning. We have one baptism planned for this coming Saturday, so we are excited for that!
In other news, we have stumbled on to an idea that is changing our zone, area, and stake! It is a program that was put on by a Seventy a long time ago that has to do with sharing the Book of Mormon with just two questions. He gives a talk on how we can ask the following two questions to any person that we meet, and share the BOM easily:
1. Do you like to read?
2. If I gave you a book that talked about Jesus Christ in the Americas, would you read it?
You then just have to write down the address of that person, give the address to the missionaries, and they provide a Book of Mormon that you can write your testimony in. They then go and give it to that person, and are usually allowed in to teach the message of the Restoration. And that's where it all starts! Isn't it such an easy program? And let me tell you, we are already seeing some huge miracles thanks to putting it in practice. The stake president even invited us to speak at two different stake firesides last night to present the program. I want to invite all of you to do the same thing with just one person this week. It's not hard at all! Just ask the two questions, and you will see the miracles!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of the baptism, and of me discovering a bunch of American sodas in a store next to our home. I went nuts.
Love you all!

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