Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello all

I think I complained about how cold it is here in every letter that I sent out, so sorry if I sound like a whiner. Haha. It actually is only maybe 57 degrees here during the day, which isn't very cold at all, but since I've been in Peru for over a year and a half now, my body has gotten used to Peru weather, and 57 degrees is quite cold for the coast, so throw me a sweater and call me a cholo.
We are actually doing great though. We have been trying to find a lot of new investigators lately, which hasn't worked out all that well, but we aren't getting down. If I've learned anything in the mission, you got to be positive. If not, that's where Satan steps in and tells you that you can't do it. We will be having a baptism this Saturday though, which is exciting. He's a whopping 8 years old, and his name is Alonso. He's a great little kid who comes to church every Sunday with the Primary president. She's a great lady.
Hope everything is going well with you guys. Try and give the old lucky Astros do-rag a rub for me. The reason why we suck so bad is probably because I'm not there to work the do-rag! 
Love you all
Alma 26

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