Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hello everyone!

I passed my first week here in Chimbote, my new and most likely last area, and it is definitely interesting. First thing is that the area is ginormous. In Central, our area was a rather small sector of the city, meaning that it was very easy to organize things and proselyte quickly. With such a large area here, it's a bit more difficult! My companion, Elder Hill, has only been here for 4 weeks due to the short change we just had, so we are both flying blind here. It will all be alright though. The Lord always provides. It is really cold here though, since we are right next to the ocean, so that's not too much fun.
We had to say goodbye to President and Sister Turk yesterday. It was quite sad to be honest. They gave a hug to each and every one of us, which was really special. They are great people who have changed my life and the lives of many others. They will be leaving Friday night, and President and Sister Marler will be getting here at about the same time. It is definitely a mix of emotions.
So sorry that all the emails kinda stink this week. I won't be able to send pictures yet again this week because I forgot my camera cord. I suck, I know. I will be much better at time management next week. I Love you all!

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