Monday, March 4, 2013

March Already?!

Hello family!

Bit of a hectic week here in the center of Trujillo, though not too much news involved with me personally. What was shocking was the fact that we received 35 new missionaries this week! Nuts! That is the biggest group that we have gotten in a LONG time here, and three of those new missionaries ended up coming to the zone, which was pretty exciting. It is always fun to talk to new ones, because they are so full of hope and faith (and it's entertaining to poke a little bit of fun at them...hehe). They are doing well though, and we are having lots of fun in the Central zone! The picture I sent is of all of us, sorry that it is a little blurry.

Other than that, not too much is going on at the moment. Elder Richards and I are just working hard to make sure that we get some baptisms and help the ward out more. The ward we are in is really small, and there a lot of inactive folk, so there's really always something to do, which is great. Working is really the only way to solve problems on the mission.
Hope you guys have a lot of fun on your trips this upcoming week. You'll have to come down to Trujillo one of these days! I miss you and love you all.

 I did get the replacement package, and the one Taylor sent. Thanks! I loved the salty things - I can get some American candy bars here but the pretzels, chez-its and chips are completely non existent.  Those are my favorite things in the packages every time.  Thanks for keeping me connected to home!

PS The other thing is that I was able to eat at Chili's in the mall here. First basket of chips and salsa in over 16 months! I almost died of happiness...

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