Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lots of Changes

Hey all!

Well, there weren't a lot of changes here for me specifically, since Elder Richards and I stayed together for another change! We are really excited that we will get to have fun for 6 more weeks, and help the other missionaries in our zone to have a lot of success as well. Some left and others stayed, but everyone looks geared up to work hard and accomplish their goals. Elder Richards and I had some McDonalds breakfast to celebrate this morning, and while it was a bit Peruvian, it was still delicious!

The big news is that we found out who the new mission president is going to be! D. Kurt Marler and his wife will be coming here on July 1. I am pretty darn sad that the Turks will be leaving soon, but I'm sure President and Sister Marler will do great. Since I will still have three changes left when they come, I will get to know them pretty well, I imagine. They are from California and look really nice. We also found out that the Church created FIFTY EIGHT new missions!! That is nuts. There are going to be two new ones in Peru as well, in Iquitos (jungle region to the east) and Huancayo (mountainous area east of Lima). That will mean 12 missions in Peru, with (almost) two temples and one more announced! That's pretty awesome! With huge groups of new missionaries coming in, it seems like the Lord really is speeding up His work!

I love you all and will send some pictures next week! Take care!

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