Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello all!

Well, I am glad that you guys all had huge blast of fun fun in your respective west coast getaways! I must say that I was super jealous reading all of you fun experiences! The pictures were beautiful, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves to the max. Looks like we will have to plan some more travel time when I get back!

Here in Trujillo, it was business as usual! We worked really hard this week, even though poor Elder Richards was super sick. On top of that, he had to take a trip to Lima to get some of his documents renewed, so that wasn't fun for him. Going to Lima only meant one good thing though...he brought home Dunkin Donuts!!!!! It was the best part of my week, for sure. You end up forgetting all of the tasty American food that you miss. I definitely had been jonesing for some donuts!

We did have a baptism this week of a great young girl named Gabriela. She is 13, and reminded me a lot of Tess: a bit shy at first, but super cool once you got to know her. She had been introduced to the church by one of her friends, and just loved going there every time. Now her mom and dad are listening to the lessons and coming to church as well, and we just have to get them married before they can get baptized too! We are so excited for them, especially since I have never baptized an entire family before. I really hope it will happen. Pray for them!

I'm on a ghetto computer, so I'm not going to be able to send pictures this week, but I definitely will next week. Sorry they won't be as cool as all the nice ones you guys took! I'm glad you enjoyed your spring breaks so much though. It is awesome here in Trujillo as well!

I miss you and love you all. Keep the missionaries in your prayers!

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