Monday, November 19, 2012

Piano Man

Dear family and friends,

Yes, I have turned into Elder Billy Joel these past few weeks, as you can see from the photo I'm sending. Hermana Turk asked me if I could accompany a sister companionship singing a special number for this upcoming zone conference where one of the Seventy is going to come and speak to us, and so she let me take the keyboard from the office to our room. I must say, it is quite fun. I might be jamming out too all the hymns on the organ setting, just as if I were playing for MoTab. It is a blast.

Everything has gone well this week. We are finding lots of new people to teach, and using the Book of Mormon in every single lesson. The Spirit is so strong! I love it when you can see in the faces of the people when they feel it too. I really have gained a testimony that the Lord loves all of us, each in our own individual way.

Hope you enjoy the other picture of the district on the soccer field. It's not really a field, it's a giant piece of cement, but that's what they call a field here in Peru.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Eat an extra piece of turkey for me please. At least you won't have to make so many rolls this year!

Love ya

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