Tuesday, November 27, 2012

13 Months

Hello all,

Well, Peruvian thanksgiving doesn't exist, but we still had a super fun week, as you can see from the photos! In our district meeting, I had everyone write on a piece of paper something that impedes them from being a good missionary (not being obedient, fear of talking to people), and then had them shape it into a weapon (I made a prison-style shank). We then put all the "weapons" in a shoe-box and buried them outside the church, just like the converted Lamanites (see Alma 24)! It was quite fun, and really helped the missionaries see the importance of leaving behind bad habits and excuses.

The assistants also came to proselyte with us, and told us that they wanted to make a bonfire on our roof after the nightly session of planning, which we did. We roasted marshmallows and listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the whole nine yards. It was a blast.

Lastly, since changes came, we said goodbye to one of our zone leaders, Elder Johnson, by playing soccer super early this morning. The picture you see is about half of the zone, sweaty and having fun. I, of course, stayed right hear in Alto Moche, but it is all but 100% guaranteed that this WILL be my last change here. Haha. I sure will miss it. We are working hard though, and should be having lots of baptisms in December and January! All the fun is coming up, though I do miss you guys and wish I could pass the holidays with you. But no matter! We must keep pressing forward and doing what we have to. Hope you enjoyed the pics and comments. I love you all more than you know!

Love to all,

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