Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm A Missionary Father!

Hello all!

Yes, I received some shocking news today...but don't worry I'm not REALLY a father (though in terms of mission slang, I am). I was all packed and ready to go last night, thinking that FOR SURE I would be leaving Alto Moche this change, but not so! My leaders called me and informed me that I will be staying to train a brand new missionary! (In the mission, they call the trainers "Dads" and the new missionaries "Sons"...so I will be having my first son in the mission). I am pretty excited, though a bit apprehensive to be staying here all the way until December! Oh well, we will definitely have a fun time and learn a lot together.

I actually won't get to meet him for a few more weeks because he is not Peruvian (I don't know where he's from), and apparently is having some trouble getting a Visa to enter the country, so I will be with a local missionary, in other words, a priest or elder from Trujillo who is preparing for a mission and is going to come with me and be my stand-in companion. Needless to say, it will be an interesting next 6 weeks.

To answer the question on food - chips and salsa DO NOT EXSIT HERE!(can you believe that I've gone 10 months without eating chips and salsa and I'm not dead yet?!) so if you can figure out any way to send me some I would die of happiness. By the way, the Combos pretzel things were definitely the MVP of this package. So delicious...send more please!

Hope you guys enjoy the picture! We had a baptism this Saturday of a great young man named Milton. His mom came to the service and said that she wants to get baptized too! The Lord is really blessing us here in Alto Moche. Keep us in your prayers!

Love you all.

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