Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Raining Baptisms!


We really our happy here, because we are finding ALL of the people in Alto Moche who are ready to be baptized. This week, a great man named Cesar was baptized by our bishop after we taught him all the lessons! He has definitely had his struggles with everything, but he has repented, made it through, and now is a member of the church! We are so excited for to get him a calling! In the picture you can see my local companion, "Elder" Castro. He is an awesome dude, though he doesn't talk to much. I guess I got used to Elder Acuña talking alllll the time. Haha.

It is starting to heat up again in Peru. The hottest months of the year are November, December, and January, so we are just prepping I suppose. Can't believe I'll have a year in just one more month. I've realized that the mission really is just a blink of an eye in the eternal scale of things. For that, we need to keep working hard and ALWAYS doing our best! You feel a lot more happy when you do that anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I miss you all more than you know.


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