Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dear Family & Friends,

That is definitely the word that described our week: bittersweet. We had a baptism run away from us this Saturday. He supposedly had a giant test that he "forgot about" at the last minute and therefore didn't show up on the prescribed day. We went to look for him and even sat outside his house for an hour waiting, but he never came. It was certainly frustrating. He didn't go to church the next day either, and when we finally found him, he expressed some doubts and concerns. We of course will continue to work with him, but when people break their commitments, it can certainly be tough for us as missionaries to keep pressing on.

However, the sweet also came. We found an amazing young man named Elmer who wants to get baptized. I was actually in a different area on a work exchange, but Elder Acuña tells me that he and his temporary companion were walking along the street heading to an appointment when they saw a really old lady carrying a giant bag of sand. Of course, they stopped and offered to help her. She accepted, and they took the bag to her house, telling her who they were along the way. Just then, her son, Elmer walked up with a wheelbarrow to help her carry the sand. He listened to them, accepted a visit, and here we are one week later with a baptismal date and a very excited young man who wants to change his life. The gospel plan is perfect, and when we are always trying to be servants of the Lord, He will help us find the people who are ready for His truth. I am glad my companion and the other missionary were being examples of Christ at all times that day.

Hope you like the picture of me with the old car! Love ya


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