Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello All,

My apologies for some pretty crappy letters this week. I am feeling pretty darn sick today, so I'm just kinda spaced out. For that, there are also no pictures. However, I will definitely send them next week. Sorry for being a bum.

Everything is going great here otherwise. We had the baptism that didn't end up happening last week. It's a young man named David, who was pretty nervous, but is a good guy. Next man up: a professional Peruvian soccer player who told me that he wants ME to baptize him. Yep, baptizing a pro athlete on Sunday... basically my dream come true.

Sounds like you are having a ton of stuff to do with all the animals. My companion always laughs because every once in awhile we will see an animal or two in the street here in Alto Moche and he will always ask me "Does your family have that thing on the farm too?" And the answer is almost always yes. Haha. Chickens, ducks, burros, etc...

Time is going by so so fast. I probably only have 3 weeks left here in Alto Moche, and it is anyone's guess where I go from here. It could be further in Trujillo or farrrrrr away. I just hope it is somewhere cool.

Miss you and love you all. Keep doing good work.
Love to All

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