Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Dear family

Well, I apologize that I have been really bad at time management once again, and so only have 5 minutes to write the community letter, but I hope you enjoyed the personal ones!

This week, as you can see from the picture, was another baptism week! Brayan is a special story. He was a reference from his girlfriend actually, and he is a PROFESSIONAL SOCCER PLAYER here in Trujillo. He plays for UCV, the big professional team in the city. That's right, my dream is officially come true...I baptized a professional athlete. He is an awesome kid though, honestly. He had a few struggles and problems during the lessons, but he took the step of faith anyway. We are so proud of him. The sweetest moment was afterwards in the bathroom when we were changing out of the wet clothes, and he looked straight at me and said "Elder Levos, I really am clean aren't I? All my sins are gone huh?" With tears in my eyes, I told him YES! It is all gone and all washed away. He then told me how he plans to change the public image of the professional soccer player here in Trujillo (everyone sees them as womanizers, drinkers, etc.) He told me he wants to show people that there can be good soccer players too. What a great and happy story.

Thanks so much to the Siller family for their package! I got it this morning...and I might have eaten  half of the stuff inside already. Thanks to my boy Ryan for his letter as well. I will write you back ASAP my man. Hope everything is well with your family!

I love you all. Hope eveyone is staying safe and doing what they should!

(For those of you who don't understand exactly what the importance of baptism is...PLEASE visit www.mormon.org to find out! It will change your life like it did Brayan's!)

Take care

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