Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello fam!

This week I got to see a ton of beaches, for one reason or another. (Don't worry, I am working hard...the entire zone I am in is surrounded by beach.) The one I am sending the picture of is in Moche, where my zone leaders are. We went contacting in their area for a day, and my companion and I passed an entire neighborhood of super nice houses and the beach as well. Living here wouldn't be so bad, minus the food, I suppose.
We have had a lot of new investigators this week! We have focused our efforts on finding new people and befriending them in church with the members. Oddly, that is one of the hardest things for people to get used to.

Here's a story from today that might give you a little peek into life with a Peruvian every day. I found it funny and thought you would enjoy it dad, since you are the one who gave me my love of sunflower seeds:

(Me eating sunflower seeds)

Elder Acuña: Hey, whatcha eating?
Me: Sunflower seeds
Elder Acuña: Give me some!
Me: You won't like them.
Elder Acuña: Cmon I just wanna try em.
Me: Well, you have to eat them in a specific way.
Elder Acuña: Just give me some!!
(Hand him a seed)
(He chomps down and chews the whole thing to pieces immediately)
Elder Acuña: This is disgusting and it cuts my mouth. You Americans eat some weird stuff.

Needless to say, I laughed. The culture barrier can be pretty funny sometimes, but you learn to get used to everything. Send me some flavored seeds! Ranch and dill pickle especially are delicious.

The area I am in, really is beautiful, at least if you look out to the east. Where I work and proselyte every day is just a giant sandy hill, but the people are nice. I am finally starting to hit those middle months of the mission where things are starting to run together. I hope my letters aren't too lame. Throw me out questions for what you want to hear!

This picture is of me and my comp in front of an old abandoned city of the Incas. Pretty cool tour!

Love you all

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