Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Relaxing On The Beach

Hi Fam!

Well the biggest news of the week, as you can see from my pictures, is that we got to go to the beach today!!! There is a beach right next to my area in fact (I can see it from my room) but this beach that we went to today was called Huanchaco, and it's the most famous one here in Trujillo. The special occasion was the fact that President's family came into visit him (more pictures of course will be on the blog), and he chose our zone to come and play some volleyball and other beach games! It was a blast. It's "winter" here now, so the beach was a lot more cloudy and whatnot, but it was still beautiful. There were some huge waves too, big enough to surf! Hope you like the pics.

We are doing great in Alto Moche otherwise. We are working a lot through our most recent convert, Diego, to teach his friends. He is so excited to be teaching the gospel to them, and it is especially helping strengthen his testimony to hear everything again. We even had 7 investigators in the chapel yesterday, which made us reall happy! Missionaries really aren't pleased unless they are having success haha.

My companion and I get along great. I really love this area and what I am doing. It is quite different than Huarmey, but I feel like it is a lot more fun. I love you guys! Hope everything is going great. Can you believe it's already halfway through 2012?

Love you all

P.S. Congrats to Katherine Watts and her new husband on their wedding! I suppose her last name isn't Watts anymore, but I don't know what the new one would there ya go. I wish you the best!

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