Monday, June 25, 2012

My Life Seems Boring

Dear Family,

Really, my life seems boring compared to the week you guys had! I am so jealous of all the Smuggs fun! To be honest... I miss nature almost more than anything else.  Seeing all the green just made me drool.  Keep sending the pics!

The weather is kinda funny at this point. Some days we are in really cold, dark weather (which I love), and other days it is hot as Texas in July. What's funny is the Peruvians bundle up like crazy when it's like 60 degrees. They have their snow hats and heavy coats on, and refuse to go outside. It's pretty funny. They all look at me like I'm crazy walking around with my short sleeved white shirt on.

Finally finished the Book of Mormon for the first time all the way through in Spanish! I am reading it again now, just marking it in a different way. Who knew that reading the scriptures could be so addicting?

Everything is going great here. Thanks so much for the package! Hope you like the picture. It's me standing in front of a burning field, though it didn't turn out too well. This is about as green as it gets in this part of Peru.

Love you tons!

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