Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Your Summer...Our Winter

Hey all!

We have had a great week with lots of work and lots of fun. Our top investigator, Kevin, passed his interview to be baptized! We are so excited for him, and he will be baptized on the 14th, so expect some pictures! He is a great young man of 17 years old, and through him, we have met a lot of his friends who are interested in the gospel. It is amazing what a friend can to to help someone find the truth!

It has actually started getting cold here. Our area is right next to the ocean, so the breeze at night is really nice too. I enjoy it a lot. Sometimes I even feel a bit cold! The people here are ridiculous though. Lots of heavy jackets and beanies. It's probably 55 degrees.

Thought you guys might like the pictures of me at my desk and my desk space. They were taken a couple of weeks apart, so it looks a bit different. A couple of people have wanted to see my desk, so enjoy! I guess. Haha.

We are doing great in general. Wish I had more exciting things to tell, but a missionary's day is pretty standard: find, teach, baptize! We are working with the members and making friends. Everything is great.

Love you tons! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm enjoying my "winter".


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