Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello Family!

Feel free to check out the blog, because I AM ON IT! Haha. For like the first time ever I think. I look fat though. And really red. Anyway...

Obviously though, as you can tell from the blogsky, the big news this week is that my comp and I got to proselyte with President Turk! It was amazing. I put a few of the extra DTs in TAylor's letter, but the assistants basically just called us one morning and said, Hey President wants to go out with you guys this afternoon! It was a great experience. We felt the Spirit so strong in all the lessons, and President commended us on our hard work. I wish we could do it every week!

Anyway, everything here is going great. We might have a baptism this week if we are lucky, and we keep finding new people and teaching them. Hope you guys have a ton of fun in VT! I am jealous I am not there, but take lots of pictures please!

My pics: These are in front of a wall in La CampiƱa, a neighboring area in our zone. Trujillo is actually a brand of beer...but don't worry about that. It is still a great picture.

Love you guys!

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