Monday, June 11, 2012

Changes, Changes, Changes...

Hello Family & Friends!

We have had an awesome week here in Alto Moche! We ended up baptizing the young man that you see in the photo. His name is Diego, and I had the privilege to baptize him. It was actually my first ever baptism in a baptismal font in the mission, which is kinda funny. Everything else has been in rivers and the ocean. Pretty cool. Anyway, Diego is a great guy who will end up being a teacher in the priesthood! You can also see some of the other people in the ward, which is fun.

Changes came! I am staying here in Alto Moche, but I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Acuña, and he will be the first companion that is younger than me! I am now senior companion, which is pretty nice I guess. It basically just means that I lead all the activities we do. Should be fun! We are really enjoying working here. The people are nice, the weather is pleasant, and walking in the sand actually isn't tiring anymore!

Thanks to Aunt Charlene for the wonderful scripture markers! I use them all the time! Also thanks so much to the Owen family for the awesome package of all kinds of goodies. I gave the two little race cars to the grandson of our pensionista, and he screamed with joy and never stops playing with them.  I also taught Hermana Maria  how to make black refried beans into tacos, and so I eat that every night.  It is like my little piece of Mexican food!  Thanks again - You guys are so awesome!

Love you tons

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