Monday, June 4, 2012

Is It Really Cooling Down?


We have had an awesome week this week! We have actually found some miracles among the great people in Alto Moche. We will be able to finally see a baptism this coming Sunday of a young man named Diego, who is the younger brother of a less active member. He basically came up to us one day in the middle of a lesson and introduced himself. Two weeks later, and he is ready and happy to be baptized. He even asked if it would be possible to do it before he had even gone to church for the first time! He has a lot of faith.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. The picture next to the Michael Jackson graffiti is kinda a Peru Trujillo mission tradition: everyone has taken at least one picture with it. It's basically just a wall on the side of a pizza parlor, kinda like the Hi How Are You frog in Austin on 21st. (That street is called 21st right?)

Things have been going great otherwise. Some days it is cold, and some days it is hot. All of Peru (on the coast at least) stays hot in the day and cold at night. I imagine it is kinda like living in Vegas, Dad. Desert climate.

Other news that you might find interesting...the First Presidency has declared that all worthy young men in the Sudamerica Noroeste area can report to the mission field at age 18! How crazy is that? I don't know if it will spread worldwide, but you guys could soon be seeing 18 year old elders everywhere! I definitely was not ready at 18...crazy stuff.

Thanks to Aunt Charlene for the package! I haven't opened it yet, but I am excited to see it nonetheless. I have her Mormonad posters all over my room and taped onto my stuff. They are very cool.

I miss you guys and love you so much! Keep Peru in your prayers!


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