Monday, March 26, 2012

Huarmey, Here To Stay...

Dear Family

First, I just want to apologize for the lack of pictures. I have them ready on my camera, but the USB thingy on this computer doesn't work, week!
Big news is that yes, I did stay here in Huarmey. I should be here for just one change longer, which will be about 5 more weeks. I was sad to see Elder Qualls go (he went to a League City-sized town named Chimbote about 2 hours north of here), but I lucked out on my new companion. His name is Elder Martinez, and he is from Lima. Obviously, my Spanish is going to go through the roof, just because now I have close to zero opportunities to speak English. It is nice. He is super chill and obedient, so we should get along just fine.

We are working with a young woman named Luz right now. Interesting fact: her mom works as a teacher in the mountains and so lives about 7 hours away from here. Because Luz is a minor, she can't get baptized without her Mom's permission. For that, we're having to overcome some obstacles, but with faith we will keep doing what we do.

It is still pretty hot here, but it's cooling down little by little. They say that winter starts in the end of April, but I suppose we shall see. My body is kinda freaking out I think, because it has now had a year straight of pure summer, minus the three weeks of frozen death in Provo in November. Anyway, the collars on my shirts are always brown, needless to say.

Hope everything is going well with you guys! Thanks to Miss Kate for the AMAZING package, and happy birthday to Garrett this week! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their March. I am jealous of the American spring weather...but being a missionary is cooler!

Love you all

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