Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Getting Colder! Ok, Not Really...

Dear family

Yes, it is still hot here. Every month we ask our investigators which month is worst for the heat, and every month they say it is the month we are currently in. "Oh yes, January is definitely the hottest" "Oh Elders, February is much worse than January" "Personally, I think that March is like an oven here" So maybe it will never get cold. Or maybe I will get changed out of here. Who knows? We will find out changes tonight, and I will for sure be receiving a new companion, though I do not know whether I will be leaving or staying. Elder Qualls has more time here, so I will probably be staying, but nobody really knows. President does some pretty crazy stuff I have heard.

We haven't had too many people to teach lately. It has been quite a privilege to see all of our recent converts absolutely happy in the gospel, but in terms of bringing new people in, we are not having too much success. That is alright though, because you always learn more about yourself when you are NOT baptizing. You learn where you need to improve, what new Scriptures you can look for, etc. I have found that it is more about communicating how much happiness that YOU personally have in the gospel, and getting the investigators to crave that happiness that you have. We learn little by little I guess.

 I did get Ben and becky's packages. Tell them thanks a ton! It was filled with some delicious stuff. I love the Reeses and the Lifesaver gummies. I know I have one package sitting in the zone leaders' room, though I don't know who it is from. I assume it is Kate's. Thanks so much to all of you! I LOVE them!!

Couple shout outs...Happy birthday to Uncle Jared, Kayla, and Garrett! I know that some birthdays have passed, and some not, but happy birthday to all of you! Hope it was a great one. Also, congrats to Cameron Benson on his mission call to a the Adriatic North mission! That is totally nuts. It is the best experience you will ever have my friend. I can't imagine speaking Slovenian though. Seems like it would be a lot harder than Spanish...

Les amo!


1. Taylor's magical pros bag from Paraguay broke :( I was very sad. I will have to find a new bag.

2. Elder Qualls and I found a place that sells ICE CREAM IN CONES. You have no idea how rare that is. We have eaten about 10 already. 3 scoops for the equivalent of $2!

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