Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally - Fall is Coming - I Think?!

Family and friends,

It was a bit of a bittersweet week here in Huarmey. We had a great number of new investigators and some golden contacts that we tried so hard to get to church, but, as often happens with Peruanos...they just didn't show up. Elder Qualls and I were pretty disappointed about that, but I guess sometimes you can't blame them. Who wants to go to church with a bunch of white guys for three whole hours? Especially when you could go to the beach instead? Little do they know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will change their lives...

We did get to see some pretty cool things yesterday, nevertheless. Victor, one of our recent converts who now goes out to lessons with us all the time and is planning on serving a mission, blessed the sacrament and bore his testimony, both for the first time. He sweetly talked about how little contact he had with people before we came and knocked on his door, and about how alone he felt. Now that he has the gospel in his life, he is always smiling and making friends with everyone! The branch loves Victor. We also got to see Pedro, my first baptism in the mission, receive the priesthood. That was also a neat experience. He is such a happy old guy now, whereas before he was just a grumpy old man. Amazing how the Church can change people's lives. Sometimes you get so caught up in the everyday teaching of new people that you forget to look back on the fruits of your labor and enjoy it!

Anyway, it is FINALLY starting to cool down here. My body was aching for some cooler weather, probably because it has endured warm weather now for almost a whole year (remember, I missed winter). That's alright though. I am sure once the cold comes in June and July I will be dreaming about the hot days here in Huarmey. Changes come on the 20th, so I gotta soak up every single day that I have here!

Thanks so much to Garrett and Tanya for the awesome postcards! I especially loved the Lucky Charms ones! (Though it does make me miss cereal even more). I have been trying to look for postcards to send them, but I am pretty sure they don't exist in Peru. We shall see. Also thanks to Grandma Pettersson and Aunt Charlene for the letters! I love reading about what is going on!

Love you all,


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