Monday, March 12, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Dear family

So it is true. Changes will be coming next week! We are all pretty nervous here. We have no true idea of what President Turk is going to do. Elder Qualls has been explaining to me lately how missionaries are able to "feel" changes. He says that he feels he is leaving here. Problem is, I feel like I am leaving here too! It would be a bit surprising if both Elder Qualls and I leave, seeing as a number of recent converts and investigators would inevitably fall through the cracks, but I have learned that you never say never with Poppy Turk. He really follows the Spirit, and sometimes it tells him some crazy stuff. But we will find out on the 20th what is going to happen.

Lately we have had some trouble with our investigators. Nobody is really wanting to progress or keep any commitments, especially coming to church. We have such a tiny branch here- 13 people showed up yesterday- so it is also a bit hard to get members involved as well. We are working hard though! We try not to complain, but I suppose it is just inevitable sometimes...Just to inform you, I might not write next week until Tuesday. On change weeks, sometimes President changes the P day to Tuesday. So if I don't write you on Monday, don't worry, I did not die, and the electricity in our town is probably still working. We just won't be writing until the next day.

Explanation of the pictures: This is our cool new area that we have swiped from the other Elders in Huarmey. It is called Puerto, which is Spanish for port. Lots of towns on the coast here in Peru have a puerto where the fishermen and boat builders work. I'm in front of the beach here with my favorite drink, Tampico. Elder Qualls and I love visiting here, because it is a lot cooler...It is finally cooling down!

Love you all,

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