Monday, January 16, 2012

Two weeks, two dunkings!

Hi Familia!

Interesting fact of the week: If Peruanos think that their hand is dirty, they will offer you their wrist.  Kinda weird, but it's nice. They will NEVER refuse a handshake.

That's right, we were blessed to have yet another baptism in Huarmey! We baptized a sweet girl named Noemi Cruz, who was just bursting with excitement to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost! She is going to be a great member; she has a ton of potential. She also has the cutest 1 year old kid I've ever seen, named Abraham.

The baptism went down in the river, which is kinda disappointing because it is super dirty and there were a ton of people there, so it wasn't exactly sagrado, but it was a baptism nonetheless. She didn't want to do it in the ocean anyway. For some reason a lot of Peruanos are scared of the ocean.

Other than that, we have been teaching like crazy! Everything is going great here, and the Lord is blessing us with an unprecedented amount of success. The branch here is growing, and rumor has it that we might get a chapel soon. Keep your fingers crossed! Love you guys a ton!

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