Monday, January 9, 2012



Hey Everyone!

First full week in Huarmey down, and man was it cool! We got to have our first baptism, of Pedro Castillo Garcia. He is the father of our pensionista, and he is just a sweet man who wanted to change his life. I had the privilege to baptize him right here in the river in Huarmey, since we don't have a font and it was very cool. We had to go through a couple chacras, which is basically a plantation, to get to the sight where he could be baptized. Elder Qualls and I helped him down into the water, and then I had to dunk him twice, because his hair didn't go all the way under the first time.  Poor Guy. He seemed a little frustrated because he didn't like the water much. But he did bathe himself in the river after the baptism, which was rather Peruvian.

Anyway, we have another baptism scheduled for this Saturday! She's a sweet girl who has been very interested in the gospel. Hopefully it will go as planned. WE think that we have the potential to baptize every week in this change, so how exciting is that? The Lord is really blessing us here in Huarmey!

Other than that, we're just out on the streets all day, trying to find people to teach! My shoes are really dirty, and I love it. I really was going to send pictures this week...but this internet cafe stinks and their computers are acting up. I really want to show you guys the baptism and stuff, and I'll do it ASAP!
Love you all!

(Shout out to Brittany Tennant and Kelsey Holman for dropping me a line! You guys are great! Love to hear from ya!)

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