Monday, January 16, 2012

Food in Peru


So I decided that I would tell you about the food this week, just so you know what I'm eating and why I will probably come back to the states 20 pounds heavier. Peruanos have 5 main food groups: rice, bread, meat, soup, and juice. That is literally all I eat every single day. For breakfast, we always have bread with butter or cheese. That's all. Kinda disappointing.

Bread Vendor

For lunch, we have soup every single day, even though it is summer, and some sort of rice mixed with either beef, chicken, or tuna. I have learned to really love rice with lime. It's my favorite part of the day. Plus...they put a TON of cilantro in their soups, which helps me to enjoy it more. Lunch is the big meal in Peru. Usually for dinner we either have bread again, or eggs. I have learned to love eggs, because it is the closest thing to home. Haha. They're pretty greasy though. Other than that, I love buying alfahores or fresh bread from the vendors out here. I also am drinking a lot of soda, because the water tastes funny. I MISS YOUR COOKING!!!!

Fruit Vendor

Egg Vendor

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