Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautiful Beaches, A Little City, A Little Country

Hey Family,
Just a little info about where I am - trying to give you some details. It is beautiful! The weather is great!
Huarmey itself is kinda a little town, not quite a city, but not country either. A good amount of people live here. However, right outside the town itself is a bunch of chacras, which is basically a plantation field. So we have a nice mix of city AND country here.

We pretty much walk everywhere. Funny you should comment on my sunburn. I literally wear sunscreen every day, but I have to ration it out because 1 bottle in this country costs almost $40. It is ridiculous. However, I do wear it, and nevertheless literally EVERYONE comments on how red my face is. Peruvians are super scared of sunburns. They also comment on my green eyes all the time, and they call me a muneco, which means doll. Ha!

I don't get to buy American candy here so the packages were great! There is a good amount of Latin candy that is actually pretty delicious. Look up Lucuma. It's like a little fruit thingy. Yum!

Thanks again to everyone who sent me things and for all the letters! I really appreciate all the support.

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