Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello all!

Well, not too much to report this week, but I did send a picture, so you will be proud of me for that at least. Elder Hill and I actually live in a super nice house (on Peruvian standards), and so here you can see a photo of me on our balcony. It is pretty nice, I won't lie. After a long day of proselyting, I do enjoy going back home to a nice room with a nice bad.
This week went by incredibly fast. Mostly at this point we are just preparing people to be baptized. The biggest miracle we saw this week was how much Pedro, one of our eternal investigators, has changed. I actually wasn't at the lesson that turned everything around since we were on splits, but supposedly Elder Hill just invited him to be baptized this coming Saturday, and he said yes! And this after having rejected us day after and when we invited him to a specific date. The Lord works in mysterious ways I suppose.
The ward is also really starting to support us, which is great. We have made really good friends with the bishop, and also with other ward members. The ward really makes missionary work go, so be sure to help the missionaries out in your own wards!
I love you all. Hope everyone has a great week, especially Tess who is now in COLLEGE! Way to go. Have lots of fun.

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