Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello all

Well, we had a great week with the baptism of Ada Luz. She chose me to baptize her, which was a real honor, even though the water was quite cold. The baptismal fonts are not heated in Peru, so in the winter AND at 7 pm, the baptismal water straight from the tap can be pretty chilly. But it went well. What was great was that the ward really helped us out a lot for this one. Almost 40 people showed up and everybody played their part well. Someone accompanied on the piano (not me for the first time I can remember), there was a special musical number (that one was me), some members brought a snack to share afterwards, and all in all it was just a great showing. Her whole family came too, and we are hoping to get them baptized ASAP. Just gotta get them married first!
Everything else is going great. Elder Hill and I get along too well sometimes. We have lots of fun. We now have a frisbee AND a soccer ball in our room, so that makes for some interesting study sessions. I'm quite sad that he is going home in 5 weeks. He is a good guy.

Hope you are all doing well. Enjoy the pictures of the baptism, Love you all!

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